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Transforming Your Dreams into Unforgettable Experiences With Lanura Event Planner

What Distinguishes Us from Others?

In addition to our previous experiences in delivering breathtaking events, we also provide all the elements to make your event a unique one through our PR and Marketing department. In other words, we do not just plan the event, we make sure that we target the right people and invite them to your exhibition. We ensure that your graduation party would be unforgettable, and we promise that the whole world will know how unique and special your birthday party is.

Our Services

From personal to professional events, we’re committed to delivering outstanding and unforgettable experiences that make every moment worth remembering.

About Nur Nemee

Nur was born and raised in Italy. She obtained multiple certificates from many governments and non-government entities.


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Let us turn your dreams into reality with Lanura, your luxury event planner.




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Lanura Events Planner

Experience the magic of turning your dreams into reality with Lanura, your trusted luxury event planner. Let us take the reins and create an unforgettable occasion, leaving you free to savor every moment and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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