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We are committed to delivering the most prestigious and remarkable occasions to every single client.

Regardless of your occasion, we have got your back. Event planning is not just a job we do, it is a rewarding task for us that we take very seriously.
Our event planning services vary from personal, social, to work-related ones.
We plan every event attentively to ensure that we deliver breathtaking results that are unique and outstanding.
With us you do not have to worry about anything, we will make your special occasion worth remembering!

Planning and Organizing

We plan your events from A to Z delicately while paying attention to every little detail, even the ones you might not think of, to make sure that your event is flawless as it should be.


What makes Events feel alive is simply the decoration. Unique decorations will level up the whole event, making it more special for both the host and the people attending the event.

Photography & Videography

A photograph has the magic to make moments last forever and that is exactly what we do. We capture your special moments to make them last forever and always be remembered. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy your time.
Enjoy your event and let the capturing of your special moments on us to make them even more special.


What we love most about parties, is that we can be ourselves, have fun, and get the chance to taste delicious treats as food is the piece of art that we all love. With our catering service, guests will have the best bites of their lives.

DJ & Singers

Music Vibes are crucial at every birthday party, every wedding, and every graduation party, so, We decided to have fun blowing off some steam, with a good time away from our daily life routine. But having fun and dancing cannot be achievable without music, therefore, we provide each special occasion with the best DJs and singers that will light up any party.

How Did It All Start??

Due to our love of events and our knowledge of their importance, our founder started to make events in Italy and the United Arab Emirates. Due to her love for humanity and peace, she decided to participate in many workshops and lectures about energy and self-development, hoping she can play a positive and effective role in civil society. After her huge efforts and dedication, she decided to bring more joy and happiness to all sorts of events. Our current stop is in UAE, where do you think we would be next?

Our Story

Co-Founder Nur Nemee

A pioneer in humanitarian work, supporting the culture of Europe and the Middle East, and participating in many events and aspects of cooperation between the UAE and the world, especially the Italian community in the field of fashion and distinctive designs

I was born in Italy, grew up in its beautiful cities, and began to learn to love humanity and to make my own mark in society from my father, the professor, since childhood. I am currently studying at the Faculty of Law in the last year so that I can work and contribute more to the society, in addition to obtaining old certificates as a media journalist and owner of a special Italian brand for design and higher human and scientific achievement.

Carrying out many workshops and awareness lectures on self-development and the ability to play a positive and effective role in civil society.

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We are committed to delivering the most prestigious and remarkable occasions to every single client.

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